Spiritual Tracer Rounds

Tracer rounds are a type of ammo that the military uses to direct fire on the enemy. The idea is that the good guys without tracer rounds can follow the fire from one or a couple of guys with tracer rounds to mask the size of the force, and have incoming rounds on the enemy that they can’t get a direction on.

The problem with tracer rounds is that they can be followed back. So the couple of guys firing the tracer rounds have now just sent a huge beacon of light in the dark of their position, making them, now, an equal target for the enemy. If anything, the enemy will direct most of its fire on the source of the tracer rounds, because it is that person that is bringing all the fight on top of them.

Increasing your spirituality is much the same way. We are told to be beacons of light. Light attracts the those seeking good, but it also attracts the enemy. The brighter the beacon, the more the enemy will fight to destroy it.

In the last couple of days I started fasting. I am fasting everyday for change in my life’s circumstances. I am fasting for a friend that is falling and loosing their way. An stunning thing has happened though, which I find fascinating.

When I was recently knocked to my knees and seeking help and understanding from the Lord, I noticed, as I stated in yesterday’s article, that I become a target of the adversary. What I discovered recently is that the more I pursue Godly things, the more violent the attack. I was fine, doing well, feeling confident, and then I decided to fast. Immediately I was attacked at the heart, by the only thing that could crush me and challenge my faith. I prayed my way through it, felt relief and that my faith was indeed being challenged. I could accept that, I had experienced it already.

Then I decided that I would fast everyday until I started working and until my friend was OK. I started fasting again and was consumed with despair, anger, and doubt. I was so confused because it was challenging everything I had known, everything I had been told, and experienced. I prayed how I could have such conflict? I was so confused. And then it came to me in a loud, peaceful, confident voice: you are under attack. Immediately I was at peace. Immediately I was confident. Immediately the attack ended.

But the enemy of light, the adversary who inspires those that are not willing to listen to the Spirit, or cannot hear him anymore for what ever reason, doesn’t give up easily. I was attacked again, by the very friend I was fasting for. This time, I wasn’t shaken. I know in whom I have trusted, I responded to this attack with peace, inspiration, and confidence. What more, I was saddened instead of angry. My love and compassion had been bolstered. I am no longer surprised by where the attacks come from. I am endeavoring to be a beacon of light.

Here is the thing about the person manning the weapon firing tracer rounds: they are fully aware that they are exposing themselves, enticing the enemy to fire on them, and they do it knowing that it could result in their death, the loss of everything. When we make the choice to endeavor to be a beacon of light, we have to do so knowing that we are also becoming a brighter target for the enemy. We have to be willing to take the incoming fire from the enemy, because our mission is too important. Our family and friends are counting us, whether family in spirit, or family in arms.

As we increase our light, as we continue to fire tracers at the enemy, we will be attacked harder, with more focus. Unlike in combat though, the enemy can be our friends, our family, our closest confidants, and even the people we love.

As I have said in previous posts, if you are being dealt with by contention, it is not of the Spirit. If you are being guided by peace, love, and compassion it is the Spirit. The more we seek to be brighter beacons of light, the more the adversary will inspire people to be contentious with us. People that may have loved us and given us the benefit of the doubt once will automatically assume the worst and treat you accordingly. You cannot react in anger, you must act in love. The adversary is baiting us to loose our faith and fight on his level, which means he wins. We may lose those loved ones and friends forever, but staying above the adversaries fray is the path with the greatest reward.

I accept that I am a firing spiritual tracer rounds, because I fight for those I love, and I fight for what I know is right. Although this friend appears lost for good and I will continue to remove myself from their life as they have forced me to do, I will continue to pray and fast for them, because I fight for my friends and those I love. As they say in the Marine Corps, I do not retreat, I tactically relocate. If I never see them again, I know that I am doing what the Lord has asked of me regardless: I am acting in faith. My battle is my own and I go into it knowing that I am a target for the adversary’s fight and will take some serious blows. But I know in whom I trust, so I know I will succeed and prosper.